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Enclave Query Designer

Queries and Structured Lists for Everyone

Visually design and produce structured lists of anything. From any database. From anywhere.

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  • Visual Designer

    Anyone can build queries and produce lists easily, with visual tools.

  • Natural Language

    Users choose and select familiar data descriptors. No clumsy database tables and fields.

  • Web Previews and Integrated Exports

    Web previews are paginated and navigable. Structured exports are built into the language.

  • Web-Safe Automation

    Enclave Queries are automatable over the Web and contain no internal database information— not even table or field names— making them Web-Safe.

  • Drilldown

    Drill down through lists to arbitrary depth.

  • Powerful Query Script

    The Visual Designer is powered by 3L, a flexible and extendable query language.

  • Flat, Fast SQL Generation

    Generated SQL has a flat join structure with minimal use of temporary views and layering, for efficient indexing and fast performance.

  • Multithreaded Engine

    Enclave Query Designer is Web based for maximal accessibility, yet it executes queries through a multithreaded, distributed application, making Enclave queries automatable.

  • Web-Safe Query Submission

    3L Query Language contain and Enclave results contain no database schema information— not even table or field names— making it safe and secure to transmit over the Web.

Coming Soon
Coming Soon!
  • Configuration Tools for CRM/CMS Integrators

    Visual design tools that system administrators can use to extend Enclave Query Designer support to any knowledge base.

  • Expanded Database Platform Support

    Enclave Query Designer supports Microsoft databases today; we are now building libraries to support additional enterprise platforms including Oracle and IBM.

  • Enterprise List Manager

    We are building enterprise class tools that will allow any number of databases to be accessed from a single Enclave instance, across any number of servers.

Enclave CRM

Enterprise Constituency Relationship Management

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  • Manage Customers, Clients, Prospects, Staff, Vendors.
  • Involve constituents across all media— Web, Email, Direct Mail, Social Media, and more.
  • Meeting and proposal management, committee management.
  • Robust Social Media involvement including blogs, forums, surveys, personal messaging, document/image sharing, and more.
  • Actions and transactions for any constituency, including sales, subscriptions, enrollments, association membership, special events, elections and more.
  • Integrated user authentication and e-commerce functionality for consistent styling and branding.

Enclave CMS

Web Content Management

Dynamic, Knowledge-Driven Web Presence

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  • Visual Menu and Site Map Designers
  • Rich Text Content and Style/Theme Designers, Dynamic Sidebar Designers
  • Mobile/Responsive Wireframe Generators
  • Knowledge-Driven Grids and Document Trees
  • Automated Image Albums and Slideshows
  • Form and Survey Designers
  • Advanced Content Search

Enclave Involve

Web Based Constituency Engagement

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  • Web Catalogs, Promotions, Product Sales, Subscriptions
  • Social Media Groups with Blogs, Forums, Ratings, Personal Messaging, Document/Image Sharing
  • Special Event Management, Meeting Planning, Enrollment
  • Philanthropic Giving, Membership Dues Management, Appeal Promotion, Prospect Cultivation
  • Surveys, Elections and Form Driven Data Collection
  • Integrated Transaction Management
  • Involvement Analytics and Transaction Reporting

Non-Profit Products and Services

Prospect Identification, Cultivation and Web Presence

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  • Web Based Annual Giving and Special Event Management
  • Multi-Year Analytics, Campaign Review and Projections
  • Behavioral and Predictive Modeling
  • Automated Prospect Identification, Wealth Rating, Acquisition and Cultivation
  • Enterprise Cross-Organization Prospect Overlap Detection
  • Personalized Web Mail and Targeted Campaign Reporting
  • Blackbaud Raisers Edge Integration and Data Automation

Web App Components

Interactive Data Driven Web Apps for Every Need

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  • Album Editors, Slideshow Generators, Avatar Builders
  • Document and Image Upload
  • Multithreaded Progress Monitors
  • Event/Meeting Calendars and Calendar Based Date Selectors
  • Social Media Forums, Blogs and Rating Collectors
  • Menu and Document Trees
  • Data Driven, Editable Grids
  • Tab Page Controls, Step Controls, and Modal Dialog Controls

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